A Revolutionary,
Naturally Engineered
Purifying Crystal


The world’s most effective water treatment media. Crystal-Right™ media is an exclusive, custom-engineered zeolite.

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Visionary thinking beyond water treatment. Petroleum, airline, medical, and even air filtration … our impact extends to many industries.

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A unique culture of exploration, expansion, and excellence.

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Mineral-Right®—exclusive producer of Crystal-Right™ zeolite.

Mineral-Right has never taken a standard approach to anything, because nothing we do is standard. As the world’s only producer of man-made zeolite, it seems natural that we custom-engineered a synthetic zeolite that’s superior to any other media used in the water treatment industry. Crystal-Right’s performance is proven in its ability to filter, soften, and neutralize water—it sets the standard in water treatment.

Yet recently, we’ve extended the use of Crystal-Right into other industries—from airline to petroleum to pharmaceutical to air. Although the applications seem endless, we never lose sight of providing our superior media first and foremost to water treatment equipment manufacturers throughout the world.