What distinguishes Crystal-Right™ from natural zeolites?

Crystal-Right is a custom-engineered, man-made zeolite. That means we control the science and the purity of the crystals. Natural zeolites are often dirty, including whatever Mother Nature puts into them. Crystal-Right is superior to natural zeolites because our crystals are clean, free of all impurities. Plus we can “customize” zeolites by impregnating them with silver, copper, or other desired ions for a specific purpose. These additional materials fit specialized needs or industries.

Water treatment and beyond.

We never stop thinking, creating, inventing.

Water Treatment

Medias for softening, neutralizing, and filtering out challenging minerals in water.


Removal of unwanted contaminants from specific fuels.


Life rafts are equipped with systems that provide emergency drinking water.

Odor removal

Absorbs odors from surrounding environments.

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Clinical trials are ongoing and proprietary. We can say that we have a “healthy” outlook on the future.

Air Filtration

Removes harmful and nuisance airborne contaminants.