Moving Forward

True discovery is a powerful feeling. It inspired us to perfect Crystal-Right and think beyond water treatment. And now, we’re excited that Crystal-Right is being used to further other industries: petroleum, airline, medical, and odor removal. Read more about other industries. >


When water treatment was changed forever.

Keeping water clean and safe is an increasingly difficult task. So, it’s no surprise that the water treatment industry is growing. Crystal-Right was actually the first media ever used for ion exchange in modern water treatment. Developed by Emmitt Culligan and Fred Lindsay in the early 20th century, this media led to the dynasties of two of the largest water treatment companies. Today, 30 years after its introduction, Crystal-Right, a synthetic zeolite media, remains the unsurpassed leader. Find out more about the media’s use in water treatment at

Exclusive to Mineral-Right, the Crystal-Right brand outperforms conventional medias for softening, neutralizing, and filtering out challenging minerals in water. In a single pass, Crystal-Right removes iron, manganese, and hardness, balances pH levels of acidic water, and can reduce ammonia. It also allows for higher backwash flow, which thoroughly removes suspended particles. Plus, chlorinating Crystal-Right will sanitize the media bed. In short, systems last longer than conventional water softening medias without breakdown or damage to the Crystal-Right crystals.

The Latest ammonia removal material.

Crystal-Right’s latest water treatment use is ammonia removal, which although not widely used, is becoming more of a concern in municipal water containing chloramines. Chloramines, a combination of chlorine and ammonia, have proven to be a good disinfectant while controlling THM (trihalomethans), which are regulated by disinfection byproduct rules. However, increased evidence points to harmful effects of chloramines, such as corrosion and other health issues. With certain populations, and in some industries and medical applications, removing both ammonia and chlorine is desirable. So, the use of Crystal-Right is being explored. High ammonia levels are also being more closely monitored in well water.

Crystal-Right is manufactured at our facility in Phillipsburg, Kansas, which offers the ideal environment: temperature, humidity, and wind conditions. Unique drying conditions in Phillipsburg allow for optimal crystal growth. It’s a zeolite paradise.