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Farewell Gary Steffens

Mineral-Right would like to bid a fond farewell to Gary Steffens. Gary has been a long time employee and has been with the company since it began in 1986. He has been a valuable asset and had worked his way up to become production manager.

As Gary puts it, “It was the best place to be in management. I felt nothing but help and support from both the owners and the employees that worked for me.” Gary has been a major driving force to the company and he will be greatly missed.

Local Students Learn about Chemistry, Nature, and Business

Mineral-Right was thrilled to host Juniors from Dani Suchsland’s class at Phillipsburg, Kansas high school on October 12, 2016. There were four groups in total that visited us. The students were here to learn about the application of chemistry, nature, and to learn there are jobs available, even nearby.

Dani said, “I really think it’s a great idea to get students out in the community and seeing that science jobs exist everywhere! Usually, the kids only think of health professions and major lab settings in cities.”